NoeSLIDE is a transdisciplinary research project bringing together stakeholders from Universities (University of Vienna, University of Heidelberg, Vienna University of Technology), from the federal state government (Geological Service of the Federal State Government of Lower Austria/ Torrent and Avalanche Control Lower Austria (west)), the federal government (Geological Survey of Austria) and involved communities.

The Hofermühle, Am Salcher and Brandstatt sites are combined as a complex site and are an integral part of the LTSER (Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research) Platform Eisenwurzen and thus part of the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network, LTER Europe.

The people currently involved in this project are as follow

University of Vienna


Geological Service of Lower Austria

  • Dr. Joachim Schweigl
  • Dipl.Ing. Michael Bertagnoli

Wildbach und Lawinenverbauung

  • Dipl.Ing. Eduard Kotzmaier

Technical University of Vienna

  • Ass.-Prof. Dr. Adrian Flores-Oroszco
  • Dipl.Ing. Jakob Gallistl
  • Dipl.Ing. Matthias Steiner

University of Heidelberg

  • Dr. Dirk Hoffmeister
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Höfle

Geological Survey of Austria (GBA)

  • Mag. Birgit Jochum
  • Mag. David Ottowitz

Former Employees

  • Dr.in Margherita Johanna Stumvoll, MSc (Coordination of the project)
  • Hanna Schechtner, MSc (Projektverwaltung)
  • Lucia Felbauer, MSc (Projektverwaltung)
  • Thomas Binder, BA BSc (Studienassistent)
  • Roman Nemec (IT Management)
  • Dott. Mestre Marco Miani (Techniker)
  • Oliver Sczcech (IT Management)
  • Gregor Lützenburg, MSc (Studienassistent)
  • Dr. Benni Thiebes (Projektkoordination)
  • Dr. Ekrem Canli (Projektkoordination)
  • Bernhard Groiss (Techniker)

We would also like to thank the administration of the municipality of Gresten (especially Mag. Irmgard Plank). Thanks also to the extremely cooperative and helpful neighbors both in Gresten (Ing.Johannes Käfer, Karl Plank, Karl Aigner-Fehringer) and at the Hofermühle in Konradsheim (Johannes Oberbramberger).

A big Thank You goes

  • to the colleagues from the ENGAGE working group at the University of Vienna for their active support with field work, in particular to Mr. William Ries, MSc, Ms. Nina Marlovits, MSc and Mr. Stefan Haselberger, MSc
  • to external helpers for support with data collection and evaluation, in particular to Dr. Katalin Gillemot and Dr. Elmar Schmaltz
  • to numerous students of the University of Vienna, the TU Vienna and the BOKU for support in the field and their commitment in the context of their theses.